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User-defined Constants (SHOCKLIT SERVER)
The Astrofigure database contains astrological data for 2,880 famous people. When you enter your birthdate on our home page, your zodiac signs are calculated and matched to the database to find which famous records are the closest matches. These are then displayed in the following order:
   1. the people with most signs in common with you,
   2. people with the same Sun sign,
   3. people with the same Moon sign,
   5. people with the same Venus + Mars signs,
   4. people with the same Chinese zodiac signs,
   6. people with the same Numerology paths,
   7. people with the same Mars signs,
   8. people with the same Venus signs.

Note that: mathematically there are over 560,000 possible permutations within the six principals. This means that there are over 560,000 different astrofigure personality types.

If astrology works, then there should be recognizable similarities between our own character traits and those of people who have the same signs.

Everyone counts  ~  Jim Foley, webmaster
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